60% of landfill waste is generated from manufacturing

Take a proactive approach, and let us help you create a sustainability strategy that will eliminate your dependence on using a landfill.
60% of landfill waste is generated from manufacturing

In as little as 3 to 6 months, achieve zero-landfill status

Developing a strategic plan and implementing it on your own can be tough. We have the expertise and established industry connections to expedite the development process. Doing so on your own could take years to reach a “zero landfill” status.

Our in-plant team will service your sustainability program

Our team will be your feet on the ground to collect and process all materials to ensure your peace of mind. We guarantee proper recycling and efficient operation of your new sustainability program. This allows you to focus on your business while achieving your sustainability goals.
Our in-plant service team
We will collect all recyclable material

We will collect all your recyclable material

You no longer have to question what you can recycle. We process all types of materials; this includes common items such as cardboard, plastic, metal, glass. We also manage difficult items like hazardous waste, non-hazardous, and waste-to-energy materials.

Nationwide transportation of all your waste

Our team will manage the transport of all your recyclable materials taking the logistical burden off your plate. We deliver to numerous vendors to ensure all your waste produced is responsibly recycled or reused.

See the impact your organization is making on the environment

Our sustainability reporting is tailored to your specific needs. Each report is easy-to-read and made available through shared documentation, resulting in instant access to your sustainability data.

Realize the marketing power of producing a landfill-free product

Marketing your “Zero Landfill” product will help to position your brand as an industry leader for creating sustainable products. We believe the modern-day consumer is more apt to purchase products from sustainably conscious brands.

How It Works

Schedule A Consultation

Engineer custom sustainability strategy for your business.

Install Equipment

Set Up infrastructure, and equipment that is needed to operate.

Collect Recycled Materials

Collect corporate waste materials in color coded recycling bins.

Process & Ship

Make sure materials are properly placed and ship to correct recycling facility.

Track Shipments

Every ton of your company's waste is tracked for assurance and peace of mind.

Waste Audit

We are able to certify your shipments through our audit process.


We'll provide you with easy to read reports that clarify your sustainable impact.

“60% of waste generation is from manufacturing and industrial applications, and only 40% from residential. With a majority of Landfill waste coming from Manufacturing, it is up to the industry to make changes and improve recycling and dependence on landfills.”

Program Benefits

Marketing Value

Going Zero Landfill and using the marketing power is worth Millions per year in new sales and commitment to current sales retention.

Brand Diversification

What sets the your brand apart from competitors? Be the leader of your industry for sustainable manufacturing practices.

Employee Retention

Employees have many options in employment, working in a Landfill Free facility improves company morale and is another reason that employees stay with a particular organization.

Value to Customers & Distributors

Customers are picky, knowing that the products they are purchasing are not only a benefit to their wellbeing and health, but they were manufactured in the most sustainable way possible will drive future sales and keep customers brand loyal.

Increase Your Recycling Rates

Often companies that recycle do an “okay” job. There is often tons of easily recyclable waste that enters in the waste stream by improperly trained employees, unmarked receptacles or lack of a convenient recycling location in the plant.

Improve Your Waste Management

Often manufacturers discard wastes that could be potentially harmful to the environment. Having a comprehensive program that controls all waste will keep your company in compliance with federal regulations.

International Relations

Manufacturing sustainable products helps with exporting products into other markets.


What do we mean by “Zero Landfill Facility?”

A facility that has a robust recycling program, and diverts all of its waste away from a Landfill.

How do you bridge the gap to sustainability?

Bridge to Zero is a new concept of Waste Management that bridges the gap between Zero Landfill and reality. Pro Recycling Group offers in-plant services for our clients to take care of all aspects of their waste stream.

What is an “in-plant” service?

An in-plant service team is similar to having an on-site contractor to perform all waste and recycling duties. This is a full-time commitment, in some cases can involve several employees at a particular any particular site.

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